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uPVC Doors & Window Locksmiths in East Lothian

Are you having problems with the locks on your uPVC doors and windows? It could be a number of reasons; usually hinges or mechanisms.

But you can rest assured, our qualified locksmiths have the tools and experience on hand to provide you with a solution to any problem concerning your uPVC doors or windows

Master Locksmith for uPVC Doors and Window Repairs

Claymore Lock & Safe Co Ltd are locksmith specialists based in East Lothian serving the whole of the Lothians and surrounding areas. For more information on our locksmith services or for emergencies, feel free to contact us.

If you are in East Lothian then we are local, providing an urgent response and a quality service to all our customers having difficulties with their uPVC handles, locks or fixtures. Our professional locksmiths carry a wide range of replacement parts and tools so we usually have what we need on hand to help you with most uPVC problems you are experiencing

There are some common problems with uPVC doors and we have experience of all of them so we will be able to fix most problems. Our van is well stocked so we usually have the replacement parts with us. Even if it is an unusual lock, we are usually able to source it and provide a replacement. 

Burglary is an unfortunate problem commonly associated with uPVC doors. It is usually done by lock snapping of the Euro cylinder if it is of poor quality. We can replace any inferior Euro cyclinders with The ABS® (Avocet Break Secure) Ultimate series lock range. These are ultra secure and feature the unique patented Active Cam Technology which is proven to secure against lock snapping attacks.

We pride ourselves on reputation by a high quality of service and we have looked after the people of East Lothian securely for many many years now.

Locksmiths in edinburgh

Affordable UPVC Repairs in East Lothian

If you need an emergency locksmith in East Lothian for UPVC issues call us today at the number below.

Common Problems with UPVC door Locking Systems

Commonly we see a lot of jammed or or stuck locks. UPVC door locks can become jammed or stuck over time, making it difficult to lock or unlock the door. Or the handle is faulty or floppy or the doors are misaligned due to wear and tear. These are all easily repaired 

Lock Snapping

Multi-point locking systems which are commonly used in UPVC and composite doors are very secure as there are several places on the door that lock. However, if a poor quality Euro cylinder is used within the locking mechanism it can easily be snapped. This is normally what a burglar would target. At Claymore, we are stockists for the ultra secure  ABS® (Avocet Break Secure) Ultimate series lock range and we would recommend that this lock is installed to keep your home safe.

We can have a qualified locksmith on site in no time to provide you with the experience and satisfaction of a smooth and quality fix relating to any problem with your uPVC windows or doors. We can replace or repair any part and most of the time have the parts and tools on hand for most modern fittings.

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UPVC Window Repairs

uPVC windows can also suffer from many problems such as:

Jammed Locks: UPVC window locks can become jammed over time, making it difficult to open or close the windows.

Broken Handles: UPVC window handles can break or become loose, affecting the window’s functionality.

Misalignment: UPVC windows can become misaligned due to settling or changes in temperature, making them difficult to open or close properly. We can adjust and realign the windows.

Drafts and Leaks: Poorly sealed UPVC windows can develop drafts and leaks, impacting energy efficiency and security. Again, this is something we can help with.

Key Issues: If the key for a UPVC window lock is lost or damaged, we can create a replacement key or rekey the lock.

Security Upgrades: We can advise on and install additional security features for UPVC windows, such as window locks and reinforced glass, to enhance security.

Burglary Repairs: If a UPVC window is damaged during a break-in, we can secure the window temporarily and then carry out repairs or replacements as needed.

At Claymore Lock & Safe Co Ltd, we give all of our customers the guarantee of security and satisfaction.

If you have any problem with your uPVC door or window locking systems we can give you valuable advice on how to keep your home more secure with our domestic locksmith solutions.

Professional Locksmith for uPVC Window & Door Repairs

Get in touch with a member of out team today for more information or to arrange a visit from one of our professional locksmiths.
We supply all of our customers with free quotations and the highest quality materials, tools and advice.

Locksmiths in edinburgh

We Look Forward To Serving You!

Claymore Lock & Safe Co Ltd are locksmith specialists based in East Lothian serving the whole of the Lothians and surrounding areas. For more information on our locksmith services or for emergencies, feel free to contact us. One of our professionals will assist you.